Dr Michael Leach

Michael Leach is an author of wildlife books. He has written 30  to date, these have been translated into 11 languages.  The books are based on his own first-hand observations of wildlife. He studies subjects in their natural habitat and this has taken him to some of the world’s most remote places, such as the Amazon, Antarctic, Borneo, Tibet, Greenland etc. He started life as a cameraman filming TV wildlife documentaries and now concentrates on his first love – books.

Workshop 4 10.30 until approximately 11.30 The Tony Burgess Room

Workshop 11 1.30 until approximately 2.30 The Tony Burgess Room

The workshop gives the children the opportunity to think outside of their own cultural experience and to engage imaginatively with the discovery of an exciting  species that is new to them – in this case the endangered mountain gorillas of the African cloud forest.  The children will learn how to get close to gorillas in the field and how to communicate as gorillas, using body language and vocalisations.  Additionally, the sessions invite children to draw upon their own experiences of observation to explore the techniques involved in understanding animals and just how professional authors set about writing exciting wildlife books.


Age 6 and Over

Booking open.